ScreenCSSH is cluster management tool made to work with GNU screen. It is similar in concept to Cluster SSH. This tool is designed to work in a terminal-only environment where Xorg is not available (such as on a remote host). ScreenCSSH is written in BASH.

INSTALL/USAGE: Download and extract the tar.gz archive. Move the two scripts "screencssh" and "screencmd" into a directory within your $PATH (such as /usr/local/bin). Run "screencssh" to use the program (e.g., "screencssh").

KEY BINDINGS: The following key bindings are prefixed with CTRL-a (standard screen command).

SECURITY: Commands entered at the control prompt are passed through the system with a "screen" subprocess. If other users on the system can view the full system process list, they could technically be able to watch the text you enter.


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